4th Sunday Ordinary Time YearA

The Sermon on the Mount 
A very frequent question to me is : What does “poor in spirit” mean? 

The Beatitudes are part of the three chapter long “Sermon on the Mount” in the Gospel of Matthew. The sermon is…


3rd Sunday Ordinary Time YearA

Jesus begins his Public Ministry 

We are beginning the Public Ministry of Jesus. He has been baptised in the Jordan by the Baptist and the Spirit came down on him. 

Our section today begins with the words : “hearing…


4th Sunday of Advent Year A

Joseph, Son of David 
Matthew is writing to the Jewish Community. He is aiming to teach them that Jesus is Royal family, the son of David. The first words of his Gospel are: “Jesus, son of David, son of Abraham.”…


3rd Sunday of Advent Year A

John the Baptist (2) 
Today we meet John the Baptist in his relationship with Jesus. He is in prison.  We remember the circumstances. He has challenged Herod and he will suffer the consequences. 
The Scripture says that John had heard…


2nd Sunday of Advent Year A

John the Baptist. 

Today we meet John the Baptist, whom Jesus describes as the greatest. John knew his role in Salvation History. He knew when to start and he knew when to stop. He was the precursor, the one…


1st Sunday of Advent Year A


We begin the New Year of the Church. The Gospel this year (A) will usually be from the Gospel of Matthew. 

The new year begins where the old one finished – the Coming of Christ at…



This is the last Sunday of the year. It is the Feast of Christ the King. The year concludes with proclaiming Jesus as King of Heaven and Earth. 

The Gospel of Luke today gives us the comments of three witnesses…


31th Sunday Ordinary Time Year C


“Jesus entered Jericho.” Luke’s Gospel is about the journey of Jesus to Jerusalem, to the Cross. We are almost there. Jericho is a little more than a Sabbath walk from the Temple. 

We meet Zacchaeus, one of the…


30th Sunday Ordinary Time Year C

The Pharisee and the Publican 
Obviously one man’s prayer is salvific and “at rights with God”. The other man’s prayer does not make him at rights with God. So we need to have a good look at the difference between…


26th Sunday Ordinary Time Year C

The Rich Man and Lazarus. 

Last week we mentioned that Jewish Parables present a difficulty for the western minded Luke. He has no problem with the way he tells stories. Luke is the best story teller. He has given…


25th Sunday Ordinary Time Year C

The Astute Steward 
The Gospel today is in two parts. Firstly, there is a parable and secondly there is a collection of sayings of Jesus about money. The two parts are not connected. 
Firstly, the Parable. The parable is called…


24th Sunday Ordinary Time Year C

The Prodigal Son. 

When we study the story of The Prodigal Son in the Gospel of Luke it is very important to put the story in the context that the Gospel writer has put it in. The context is…