4th Sunday of Advent Year A

Joseph, Son of David 
Matthew is writing to the Jewish Community. He is aiming to teach them that Jesus is Royal family, the son of David. The first words of his Gospel are: “Jesus, son of David, son of Abraham.” His genealogy is the male line. He believes strongly in the virgin birth. So how can Jesus be a descendant of David?  
“She will give birth to a son and you must name him Jesus….” In the Hebrew tradition the father of the child is the one who names the child. Fatherhood is much more than being the one who propagates. The father is the one who takes public responsibility for the support and upbringing of the child and especially the religious upbringing. (Would that it still be so!) Joseph is the father of Jesus by adoption. The angel calls him to this vocation. He is a man of honour. 
This is how Matthew gives great emphasis to his beliefs. He believes in the Virgin Birth and can prove it from the Old Testament. He believes that Jesus is the Son of David because he has been adopted by Joseph whom the angel calls the Son of David. He believes that Joseph is the husband of the Virgin Mary. 
So much to pray about in Christmas week!!!!  May Mary and Joseph and the child Jesus bless you abundantly! 
Happy and Holy Christmas.

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